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My name is Dylan, and you’ve stumbled across my upcoming venture, MayerWellness+.


Together with my dad, Emeran Mayer, we’ve built where we share the latest scientific research on various health-related topics with our audiences. We pride ourselves on only using high-quality, peer-reviewed research in our
articles to ensure our readers can trust our content. Now creating MW+, I want the same thing.

I have always had a strong connection with the great outdoors. My love for the environment has fueled my commitment to create a nutrition business that goes beyond individual well-being to address the sustainability of our planet.

In my approach, I plan to mend my academic expertise with a respect for our planet. MW+'s mission is to guide individuals towards optimal health while considering the broader impact on the Earth.

Join me on this journey where health and environmental harmony converge, and let's work together to achieve a brighter and healthier future.

- Dylan